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EMP Electric Prop 10x5E
  • Model: EP1005E

EMP Electric Prop 10x5E

EMP Electric Prop 10x5E

item#: EP1005E

² Diameter for Prop: 10 inch

² Pitch: 5 inch

² Recommended Motor: C2830-KV1300, C2830-KV1000, 2-4S Lipo

² Bore Inner Diameter: ¢8mm

² Outer Diameter of Washer: ¢9.6mm

² Height of Prop Bottom: 11.5mm

² Net Weight: 19.3g / 0.68oz

² Suitable for the Following Motor Shaft Diameters: ¢3mm, ¢3.2mm, ¢4mm, ¢5mm, ¢6mm, ¢6.35mm, ¢7.95mm (the above 7 prop washers included)


Electric prop with high performance and speed, extra-included washer is applicable to adjust the aperture to be well fit for shaft with different diameter.


² 1 x EMP 10*5E electric prop

² One set of washer
Electric Prop 10x5E
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