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ERC LCD 3CH Gun Transmitter(2.4GHz)
  • Model: TBL1001

ERC LCD 3CH Gun Transmitter(2.4GHz)

ERC LCD 3CH Gun Transmitter(2.4GHz)

item#: TBL1001
ERC LCD 3CH Gun Transmitter(2.4GHz)
1) 2.4GHz transmitter modeule take the latert design with the whole intelligent
technical,using the high precision Numerical control mode replaces the traditional
PPM to eliminate radio interference and glitches which troubled model hobbyists
for years.So you can play 50pcs 2.4GHz at the same time without worry about
disturbing.It's control distance:150200M
2) 2.4GHz transmitter modeule is based on the most advanced digital communication
technology,it will replace the traditional AM and FM technology to become the new
generation of radio-controlled technical standard.
3) Scan automatically with the high capable of anti-jamming,it will automatically open
channel to communicate when there is a channel has been will ensure the
safety of controlled equipment
4) Don't need to set up the program.There is no fear for misoperation
5) Has a high capable of anti-interfering,and no limit to the number of players at the
same time won't interfere with each other
6) Each transmitter are able to bind to many receiviers,and more controlled module
can be controlled with a single transmitter module.
7) Fast R esponse,and high precision
8) A variety of security measures to protect the safety on the process.

(2.4G binding ways)
BATT is the input end of Electronic Source,CH1 is servo channel,CH2 is
throttle Channel,CH3 is the third channel.
1) Local Factory has finished binding,no need to re-binding again.The receiver
can automatically receive 2.4GHz transmitter signal;
2) Binding means that the transmitter and receiver of 2.4GHz transmitter Module
establish communications by one to one or one to more
3) When the receiver getting out of control,you need to re-binding,connected to
the receiver and transmitter power,the LED blue lights on the receiver will blinking
when turn on the switch of binding plug to 3 seconds,the system connection will be
ok,binding is successful(Blue light is the signal light,Red light is the power)
4) One receiver only has one binding with one transmitter,rc-binking will make
failure for last,binding on the receiver.But transmitter can be available with more
receivers on the use of binding.
5) After finishing binding, it can be put into use.No need to bind again when use it
each time.
If re-binding to another transmitters,pls repeat 3 step.
6) When the binding was unsuccessful for the first time,please turn off the power of
the transmitter and receiver to re-binding.
7) If the binding was unsuccessful for twice,it shows that the environment interference
is very serious at the moment and we can't use the 2.4GHz transmitter for a while,PLS
replace the environment or try again a little later.

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