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8 Channel Corona 2.4G Two-way RC
  • Model: CT8JD&CR8FD

8 Channel Corona 2.4G Two-way RC

8 Channel Corona 2.4G Two-way RC Model Radio System(Transmitter Module and Receiver Combo) CT8JD+CR8FD

item#: CT8JD&CR8FD
Transmitter Module CT8JD:

Ÿ Operation Voltage Range: 6~13V

Ÿ Operating Current: ≤50mA@10V

Ÿ RF output power: ≤100mW

Ÿ Compatible with following transmitter:

JR: 347 / 388 / 783 / U8 / PCM10 / PCM10S / PCM10S* /PCM10IIS / 8103
/ J9303 / M*-22 / M*-24S / P* / 9*IITurnigy: 9* (JR compatible)

Receiver Module CR8FD (8 channel):

Ÿ Compatible with any Corona two-way transmitter module

Ÿ Operation Voltage Range: 4.8~6V

Ÿ Operating Current: ≤50mA@5V

Ÿ Sensitivity: -100dBm

Ÿ Resolution: 10bit

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