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JC 23 c.c. Gas Engine For Airplanes
  • Model: JC23
  • Manufactured by: JC Engines

JC 23 c.c. Gas Engine For Airplanes

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JC 23 c.c. Gas Engine For Airplanes

Item # JC23



2 Stroke air cooled single cylinder
- Walbro membrane pump carburetor with dual needles and manual choke
- Automatic advancing electronic ignition.

Engine Type: 2 Stroke Gas Engine.

Displacement: 23 c.c.

Bore x Stroke 33.3mm x 27mm.

Spark Plug: NGK CM6 or JC CM6.

Carburetor: Walbro special-designing vacuum pump diaphragm type duplex needle carburetor.

Max Power:3.5 HP at 9000 Rpm.

Practical running speed: 1100 - 9500 Rpm.

Net Weight: 980grs ( including CDI and Muffler ).

Ignition System: CDI Battery Ignition ( battery voltage 4.8v-6v).

Ignition Battery: 4.8 - 6V, BEC required if LiPo battery is used.

Oil Ratio: 25-30:1 used during the break-in( the initial 2 working hours)
35-40:1 After Break-in.

Propeller Recommended:16*8,16*10,17*8,17*10,18*8.

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