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EME55-II Gasoline Engine/Petrol Engine with Electric Starter
  • Model: Combo-EME55

EME55-II Gasoline Engine/Petrol Engine with Electric Starter

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EME55-II Gasoline Engine/Petrol Engine with Electric Starter

item#: Combo-EME55

2Years warranty.

EME55-II Electric Starter:
² Total Net Weight: 540g
² Equipped Brushed Motor:
n Working Voltage: 3-15V (12V for the best )
n Motor Length: 57mm
n Motor Diameter: 37.5mm
n Shaft Length: 9mm
n Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm
n Net Weight: 205g
² Available Color: red and blue (sent randomly)
² Recommended ESC: 60A (need to buy separately)
² Application: suitable for DLE55, EME55, EME55-II, EME60 engines
² Only need a bit refitting by users, the starter also can be used for DLA56, DA50, DA60 gas engine, those users who are well in refitting can have a try.
² The starter can be controlled by radio control and has been successfully tested on EME55-II engine.
² The starter is equipped with single bearing, so power only transfers from the motor to engine. But after the engine started, the power would not pass to motor, so as to protect the motor.
² Equipped with high speed 550A carbon brush motor and cooling fan.
EME55-II Gas Engine:
Performance & Parameters:
² Power: 5.5HP/7500rpm
² Idle Speed: 1350 rpm/min.
² Pulling Force: 14.2kg /100 meters Altitude
u 12.5kg /1800 meters Altitude
² Spark Plug: NGK CM6, 4.8-6V
² Carburetor: Walbro
² Exhaust Amount: 55.6CC
² Diameter * stroke: 45mm * 35mm
² Ratio of compression: 7.6:1
² Ratio of lubricating capacity: 30:1
² Weight: 1380g (main engine), 75g (exhaust pipe)
² Ignition Apparatus: 120g
² Recommended Aircraft Propeller: 22*8; 22*10; 23*8; 23*10
Package Contents:
² EME55-II Engine*1pcs
² Exhaust Pipe*1pcs
² Installation Parts*1bag
² CDI Ignition*1pcs
² User Manual*1pcs
New Features:
² Engine mount is shorter than EME55, the installation size is the same with DLE55 and DA60 engine.
² Crank case and throttle regulator is the same with DA-60 and DLE55 engine.
² This engine upgrades from EME55, better performance. The ignition parameter is more scientific, ensure to make the engine stronger power and more fuel-efficient.

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