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DLA Engine 112CC for Gas Airplanes
  • Model: DLA112

DLA Engine 112CC for Gas Airplanes

DLA112 CNC Processed Gasoline Engine/Petrol Engine 112CC for Gas Airplanes with Double Cylinders and NSK Bearing

item#: DLA112

² Power: 11.5 HP/ 7500RPM

² Idle Speed: 1400rpm/min

² Pulling Force: 25.8kg/100M Altitude, 28.3kg/1800M Altitude

² Recommended Propeller: 26x12 27x12 28x10

² Spark Plug Special: CM-6

² Exhaust Amount: 112cm3

² Cylinder Bore Stroke: 45.1mm x 35mm

² Compression Ratio: 7.8.1

² Lubrication Ratio: 30x1( Break in), 40-50x1(Normal Flying)

² Weight: Main Engine-2485g, Exhaust Pipe-115g*2pcs, Ignition-160g (lighter than the current DLE111)


² Exhaust Amount: 56cm3

² Diameter*Stroke: 45mm*35mm

² Ratio of Compression: 7.8:1 (7.6:1 for

² Ratio of Lubricating Capacity: 30:1

² Total Weight: 3035g


² Material of Muffler and crankcase: Aluminum Magnesium Alloy (Aluminum Alloy for DLE111)

² Machining: CNC processed while others are not.

² Crank Case Material: the newest aero material make DLA112 engines too hard to be damaged.

² DLA 112 has its NSK bearing imported from Japan which makes the life of engine longer while others have their bearing made in their own factory.

² DLA112 is less weight than other gasoline engines in the same power.

² The appearance of DLA112 is artistically and smooth and shinny, while others are common.

² DLA112used high quality Iridium plugs while others not; comes with aluminum alloy mufflers.

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