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XL 91 RFS Blue R/C 4-Stroke Engine
  • Model: 210868
  • Manufactured by: Magnum

XL 91 RFS Blue R/C 4-Stroke Engine

XL 91 RFS Blue R/C 4-Stroke Engine

Item #:210868

Easy-to-maintain overhead-valve design - Rear updraft dual needle valve carburetors - Dual ball bearings - Choke system for easy starting - CNC Precision Machining
Type: 4 Stroke
Size: .91 cu. in.
Bore: 27.7 mm
Stroke: 24.8 mm
Practical RPM: 2,000 - 11,000
Weight: 569 g (22.4 oz.)
Propellers: 13x8 - 14x6
Shaft Thread: 5/16-24
Exhaust thread size: M11 x 0.75
Does not include glow plug, prop or fuel tubing.

Select the bigger XL91 RFS for those "60-to-75" size aircraft which accept four-stroke engines and need the extra punch that the bigger displacement gives. The XL 91 RFS idles beautifully, transitions without hesitation, and gives you the torquey full-throttle power you need for aerobatics.

Now comes with a blue valve cover.

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