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RC Opto Kill switch W/ voltage monitor
  • Model: GE301V

RC Opto Kill switch W/ voltage monitor

RC Opto Kill switch W/ voltage monitor for gas engine

item#: GE301V
This product is used to turn the remote petrol engine on or off. The remote control
switch series with the CDI wire and the CDI power wire, you can use either channel
to control your petrol engine (usually the on/off channel). This product can effectively
protect yourself and the model plane being hurt from suddenness. In addition, this
product has install an external large capacitor for receiver power with 4700UF, it
can make the receiver voltage more stable, more pure, and improve the operation
stability of electronic devices effectively. To a certain extent, it can eliminate the
clutter interference and effective way to ease the voltage fluctuations which is coursed
by multiple steering engines action at the same time.
Product Features:
1. Bi-color LED indicator light shows the current voltage status of your RX battery pack.
2. Retrofitting 4700UF large capacitor voltage can make the receiver more stable, pure.
3. Wide operating voltage can applied to lithium, nickel hydride, nickel cadmium, A123
and other battery-powered directly.
4. Can be used for other purposes, such as: pull the smoke detectors, retract or expand
the landing gear, lighting fireworks and so on
5. The receiver and the CDI is completely separated, so you wouldnt worry the receiver
will be interfered by high frequency signal which is happen to CDI.

Petrol engine CDI remote control switch
weight:10g(include lead wire )
Size:33mm(length) x 13mm(wide) x 13mm(high)
Working current: 0~4A
working voltage: 3V~8V

* The round bi-color LED indicating the RX battery voltage status, not for ON/OFF
status of the switch, the tiny RED LED on PCB board is for the status of the ON/OFF
status of the switch.

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