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Brushless Motor N2822-1400KV
  • Model: N2822-1400

Brushless Motor N2822-1400KV

N Series Outrunner Brushless Motor N2822-1400KV

item#: N2822-1400

KV (rpm/v): 1400

Motor Diameter (mm): ¢27.8

Motor Length (mm): 24

Shaft Diameter (mm): ¢3/¢3.175

Shaft Length (mm): 14

Weight (g): 38

Power (W): 140

Wire Winds: 24

Resistance (KΩ): 346

Idle Current (A): 0.5

Recommended Equipments (need to buy separately)

ESC (A): 15

Cells Ni-Cd/Ni-MH: 6S-12S

Cells Li-Po: 2S-4S

Prop: L7.5in*P3.5in/ L8in*P4in/ L9in*P5in

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