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Switch Harness W/Battery Checker
  • Model: BW4702

Switch Harness W/Battery Checker

Large Current Switch Harness W/Battery Checker

item#: BW4702
Working Voltage:3.5V-6V
Monitoring voltage: 5V/6V programmable
Default monitoring voltage: 5V
Working current: <30mA
Silicon wire for large current.

Instruction manual:
1. Meaning of the LED status:
When the switch is turned on, the LED will light as following:
a. 5V monitoring setting mode: the LED on the far left will blink 4 times, turn off
the switch while it is blinking, and switch it on again after 2 seconds, the voltage
checkerwill be set to 5V monitoring mode;
b. 6V monitoring setting mode: if you do not turn off the switch while the far left
LED is blinking, and then the LED on far right will start to blink, turn off the switch
while the LED on right side is blinking, the voltage checker will be set to 6V mo-
nitoring mode;
c. Next, the 6 LED lights will light up and turn off in turn back and forth for auto-
d. Then the LED on the far left or far right will blink 3 times quickly, to show the
current monitoring mode (the far left LED blink means 5V monitoring, and the far
right LED blink means 6V monitoring)
e. Then this unit will start voltage monitoring, and the LED indicating the current
voltage will light up. (for 5V monitoring, read the upper line of voltage scale, and
read the lower line for 6V monitoring)

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