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2S Dual Power Regulator For Extreme 3D Flying
  • Model: BW4708

2S Dual Power Regulator For Extreme 3D Flying

2S Dual Power Regulator For Extreme 3D Flying

item#: BW4708

² Input: 2S LiPo (6 to 8.4Volt)

² Dual Output: RX Channel 5.2V 5A (Max 10A)

Servo Channel 5.2V 6V 6.8V 7.4V 8.4V 10A(Max 15A@6V)

² Low Voltage Alarm Setup : LiFe Type(6.5V), LiPo Type(7.3V)

² Switch Type : Fail Safe(Fail-Safe-On) Pin-Flag Contactless Type

² Power Connector Type : XT60 Connector Type

² Size : 17mm(H) x 40mm(W) x 64mm(L)

² Weight : 64g (Excluding Cables)


² As DC-DC voltage regulator of linear type is very popular at present, this BEC is also linear regulator with twin channel. Compared with Switching-type, it will not make switching noise and ripples. What's more, it could offer stable voltage and current. When radical load change happens, it could response rapidly. In this case, it is able to work with PPM, PCM but also 2.4G system.

² During extreme 3D and F3C flight the current can reach to 8A. The traditional method is battery supply power to servo through a receiver. In this case, you could not make full effect of the servo. To let the servo work effectively, we designed this regulator which is applied with reboost power bus to supply power to servo directly

² And according to the traditional way, two same regulators will be packed in one case and the performance of the electronics, like servo, ESC, gyro can not be fully performed . To improve this, we use twin output design one is for CCPM servo and the other is for RX and gyro. The circuit of servo controls the power while the circuit of RX and gyro controls the voltage stability and noise-free. You have five choices of the output voltage 5.2V, 6.0V, 6.8V, 7.4V, 8.4V(Bypass) which can be set up by DIP switch. As this parameter is stored in it, and extra voltage measurement is not needed.

² We add Low Voltage alarm to this item and you could choose to use it or not. The voltage which could be setup is 6.5V or 7.3V due to the characteristics of the battery.

² When the battery voltage is below the regulator setup voltage, the Low Voltage Alarm will response, The LOW/BATT LED and the buzzer will begin to work at the same time. We have also develop an external LED board with Pin-Flag power switch which can be mounted to the fuselage to perform the Low Voltage alarm. The high power LED on the external board will be blinking when the voltage is low. So it is possible to immediately recognize low voltage alarm condition even in day flight.

² There are input/output ports for four channels as three for CCPM servo and one for throttle. It is supported to use 7.4V HV servo. If output voltage is setup to 7.4V or 8.4V(Bypass), it is able to achieve more stable power supply and transient response than direct connecting 7.4V battery scheme.

² Charging and voltage checking cable is integrated for your convenience. You can charge the battery through that cable.

² Dual battery input is supported for advance experience user. If additional battery is connected with charging and voltage checking cable, two battery powers can be supplied to the regulator in parallel. (Both battery must be identical, same chemistry, voltage and capacity).

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