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Flight Controller for ST550 Bumblebee RC Quadcopter
  • Model: ST550-01

Flight Controller for ST550 Bumblebee RC Quadcopter

Flight Controller for ST550 Bumblebee RC Quadcopter

item#: ST550-01

Package Components:

² Main Controller (MC)*1pcs

² 3-pin Signal Cable *7pcs

² LED multi-functional version*1pcs

² USB Cable *1pcs


² The Main Controller (MC) is the brain of the system, it communicates with ESC and RC transmitter to carry out autopilot functionality. It has a built-in Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) consists of one 3-axis accelerometer, one 3-axis gyroscope and a barometer for sensing the attitude and altitude.

² Specially designed for QUAD-ROTOR AUTOPILOT. It solves the high power consumption problem of multi-rotor system, supply and monitor power for QUAD-ROTOR AUTOPILOT and other electronic devices. It also has a LED to indicate different states of QUAD-ROTOR AUTOPILOT and a USB interface for configuration and firmware upgrade.

² USB cable is used to configure MC and upgrade firmware.

² 3-PIN Servo Cables used to connect the MC and the receiver.

² 3M Gummed Paper is designed for fixing QUAD-ROTOR AUTOPILOT components on multi-rotor’s frame.

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