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Power X-Charger and Discharger B606
  • Model: C6

Power X-Charger and Discharger B606

GT Power X-Charger and Discharger C6 with Max. Charging 50W and Discharging 5W

item#: C6

˛ Operating voltage range: 10.0~18.0V

˛ Max charging power: 50W

˛ Max discharging power: 5W

˛ Charge current range: 0.1~6A

˛ Discharge current range: 0.1~1.0A

˛ Current drain for balancing Lipo: 300mAh/cell

˛ NiCd/Ni-MH battery cell count: 1~15S

˛ Lithium battery cell count: 1~6S

˛ Pb battery voltage: 2~20V


˛ It can monitor and balance individual cells of the lithium battery pack during the discharging process.

˛ It can accept three types of lithium battery-Lilo, Lipo and Life

˛ Users can charge the Lithium batteries with “Fast” and “Storage” mode for special purpose.

˛ High-power and high-performance circuit

˛ Optimized operating software

˛ For users convenience it can store maximum 5 data of different batteries.

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