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iMax C403 Easy Compact Balance Charger LCD Screen
  • Model: C403

iMax C403 Easy Compact Balance Charger LCD Screen

iMax C403 Easy Compact Balance Charger LCD Screen

item#: C403

Input voltage: 11-15V Volt DC
No.of cells: 1-4
Battery type: LiPo/Lilon/LiFePO4(A123)
Charging current: 0.1-3.5A(40W)
LCD display: Voltage,Current,Capacity,
Charging time and battery type
Dimension: 119x66x32mm
Net weight: 144g

iMAX C403 includes an integral balance and a large LCD screen for displaying current, voltage capacity and charging time. The charger detects the cell count, and therefore sets the correct charge cut-off voltage automatically. The charge current varies within the range of 100 to 3500 mA.The recommended charge rate is 1C (battery capacity = charge current)

The iMAX C403 is a low-cost, high quality 12 V DC fast charger with a metal case, designed for charging Lithium batteries of up to 4 cells. It can charge three kinds of Lithium batteries: Lithium Polymer, Lithium ion and LiFePo4(a123).

How to connect

First locate the power leads on the left hand side of the charger, and connect it to a 12 V lead-acid car battery or 12 V DC mains PSU (red = positive / black=negative). The charger is now ready to use. The device is protected against

incorrect polarity, but you should still make every effort to avoid this error. The Lithium battery is connected to the battery sockets on the right-hand side of the case using a charge lead terminated in banana plugs. When connecting the pack take care to maintain correct polarity (red = + terminal / black = -terminal). The charge output is protected against reverse polarity and short-circuit, but it is always best to avoid these errors, and to correct them immediately if they do occur.

Selecting the battery type

Push battery type button to select the battery type matching with the datasheet of the battery manufacturer. It's very important to select the correct battery type. Failure to do this may damage the battery or at worst it can cause fire.

Selecting the charge current

The correct charge current must be set before you initiate the charge process.This is carried out by rotating the adjuster knob on the front panel to set the charge current to suit the battery (100…3500 mA). Usually we are using 1C to charge the battery

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