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Auto Balance Charger AP403 Combo (including Adapter)
  • Model: AP403-C

Auto Balance Charger AP403 Combo (including Adapter)

Auto Balance Charger AP403 Combo (including Adapter)

item#: AP403-C
1. Input voltage range: DC 11.0~18.0V (input power>42W)
2. Charge current: 0.1~3.0A
3. Charge power: max.35W
4. Balance current: <300mA
5. Balance tolerance: <10mV
6. Lithium battery type: Li-Po /Li-lon /Li-Fe
7. Lithium battery cell count: 1~4 Cells
8. Ni-Cd /Ni-MH battery cell count: 1~10Cells
9. Pb battery voltage: 2~12V(1~6Cells)
10. Weight: 175g
11. Dimension(LWD): 1167525mm
12. Pb battery voltage: 2-20V
13. Weight: 175g
14. Dimensions: 116*75*25mm
15. Trickle Charging: 50-200Ma

1. Brand-new upgraded simple and intelligent operation
2. Charging will be accurate to 0.01V
3. Built-in balance charging and discharging circuit
4. Support charging and discharging all kinds of batteries
5. Added monitor software can protect charger simultaneously.
6. Easy and convenient to carry
7. Support downloading the upgraded software online
8. Trickle charging function can protect the battery voltage.
9. Hint sound and display backlighting can be turned off by yourself.
10. Current can be set automatically by setting the battery capacity.
11. Discharging voltage can be adjusted by yourself.

Available Plug: US/AU/EU/UK ( optional )

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