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Auto Power-off Digital Caliper
  • Model: SF-500

Auto Power-off Digital Caliper

Auto Power-off Digital Caliper

item#: SF-500
1. Keep body face clean; prevent liquid material from getting into slider to destroy electronics
2. Face should be cleaned with a clean,dry,lint-free cloth.
Lubricate body with a few drops of clock oil. Acetone &alcohol must not be used.
3.Keep battery compartment clean and free of corrosion

1.Every second 5 digits and Jump simultaneously
SOLUTIONS:Battery voltage is under 1.45V. Remove cover and replace battery
2.Display cannot count
SOLUTIONS:Faulty circuit. Remove battery, after 30sec. Put battery back into compartment.
3.Display shows 000.00 or IN 00.000
SOLUTIONS:Function buttons and sliders signal end may have shorted out.Remove the cover,
put the button springs in place with rubber covers. Contact must be unobstructed
4.Function buttons not active
SOLUTIONS:Spring or rubber covers may be out of shape due to excessive pressing.See
solution above for tips.
5.Reading error for full Length is over 0.1 mm
SOLUTIONS:Sensor may have dirt or deposits in it Remove cover and slider assembly. Blow
off sensor face with clean pressurized air( over 51kg/cm squared), clean with dry , lint- free cloth.
6.No display on LCD screen
(1) Poor battery contact. Check battery compartment, clean if necessary.
(2). Battery voltage is under 1.3V.Repalce with correct battery.

Your digital caliper was constructed with quality materials and workmanship and will Give you many
years of free use when cared for as described in the "Care &Maintenance " section

Measuring Range:
Measuring Range:
Repeatability: 0.01 mm or 0.0005"
Maximum measuring speed : 1.5m/sec or 60"/ sec
Measuring system :Non-contaction linear CAP measuring system
Display: LCD display, minus sign"-",character in 6.35mm/0.25"height for 5 digits,small digit"5"
and "IN" sign for inch measuring unit
Battery: One silver oxide battery 1.5V for one year of continuous use. Low battery warning by
falshing display
Operating temperature : 0 ℃ ~+40℃
Storage temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Influence of humidity: Not important within 0 to 80% of relative humidity.
Data output: Serial output for interface with host computer or printer
Data processing interface (option): Functions:Data storage, processing &printing, with
software of quality control
Auto power off


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