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40kgx20g Portable Electronic Digital Weight Scale
  • Model: SF-401

40kgx20g Portable Electronic Digital Weight Scale

40kgx20g Portable Electronic Digital Weight Scale

item#: SF-401
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Instruction of the portable Electronic scale


Portable Electronic Scale bases on application-embedded micro component core,
with accurate weight, functional stable and digital LCD display etc. Additionally, it
includes lots of features, Tare/Net weight is standard; professional accuracy; Zero
(tare) feature; show weight in Ib; oz; kg; Jin and Automatic power-off. It is an excellent
scale of family/shopping weight and easy to carry.

Power on:

Put the scale at vertical position without weight in hook.

Press “ON/OFF” key, the screen will display (8888) and the buzzer will utter the sound of hint.

Wait for 2-3 seconds until the (0.0 or 0.00) displaying on the screen.

The scale will be ready for weighing.


Put the container on hook when weighing bulk goods.

Press “Tare” key and the screen will display (0.00 or 0.000). The scale is ready for weighing.

Put the goods to the container. The screen will display the weight of the goods only after finishing.


Hook in the goods after the scale is ready.

Max weight shall not exceed full load=9d (20 kg: d=10 g, 40 kg: d=20g).

The screen will display “EEEE” and the buzzer will warm when it is overloading.

The scale will hold the weight of the goods automatically, the unit will stop flash.

Press “TARE” key to exit the lock mode and turn back to weighing mode.

Unit selection:

Press “UNIT” key to select the unit. The unit could be selectable among Ib, Oz, Kg, Jin
(1 Kg=2.2 Ib=2 Jin=35 Oz).

Power off:

Press “ON/OFF” key to tern off under weighing mode.

The electronic scale will auto turn off in 120 seconds if there is no operation.


Backlight will be extinguished after 5 seconds without any pushbutton operation or weight is changed.
Backlight will be illuminated when touch any pushbutton or change the weight.

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