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Special Smoking Pump For RC Model Airplane
  • Model: PM1400

Special Smoking Pump For RC Model Airplane

Special Smoking Pump For RC Model Airplane

item#: PM1400
Instruction of Pump for Smoke System

Product Features

Receiver supplies power directly (4.8-6V).

Controlled by any switch channel

Working current less than 120mA

Low consumption engine, low noise

Equipped with precise and low flow capacity for oil supply, smoke oil can be fully atomized to decrease the pollution to the limit.

Application Range

RC plane smoke


Its a pump for smoke system with remote control system. This device can use any switch channel to control the smoke progress and share the batteries with receiver, no need to adjust the transmitter. Its low consumption engine contributes to low noise and working current less than 120mA.

User Guide

Pulse width of signal >1.6ms, press ON, pump starts to work and begin to smoking.

Pulse width of signal <1.6ms, press OFF, pump stops working and ends smoking.

When losing control signal, engine stops working, smoking terminated.


1. As the smoke pump is a precise device, please install a reliable filter on the oil tube to avoid damage.

2. Light smoke arises when using, please use the fiberglass cloth to wrap up the exhaust pipe to increase the temperature. Lower temperature will lead to light smoke.

3. Suggest using sewing-machine oil and diesel oil as smoke oil.

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